Estimators & Project Managers

Concrete Construction

You need the RIGHT numbers and the RIGHT information, and you need it fast. At McGuire, we have been providing this to estimators and PMs for over two decades.

  • Efficiency: We understand schedules and timelines as well as anyone. And we work closely with you to get the information you need in order to move the project forward.
  • Communication: We know that effective and constant communication is the key to ensuring that you are making the right decisions for your company.
  • Experience: We have an experienced, well-trained and qualified staff. You never have to ask if McGuire is the right one for the job. You can be sure we are.
  • Flexibility: We understand how difficult it can be when things start to change at the last minute. We are willing and ready to help when you need us most.
  • People: Our work ethic is second to none. We enjoy what we do and we know how important it is to have the right attitude.
Concrete Construction

Helical Piles

At McGuire, our goal is to help you overcome the challenges that new technologies and solutions present to Estimators and Project Managers quickly and with confidence.

  • Value: We provide the best pricing possible by always ensuring that we understand the problem or issue.
  • Experience: Our experience in the effective use of Helical Piles allows us to share critical application knowledge that you just can’t find elsewhere.
  • Complete Solution: Because we can do both foundation and concrete work, we are able to be a single source partner for you. Having only one contractor to work with will save you time and money.
  • No Spoils: Responsibility for work and cost can be a gray area for some projects. Helical Piles do not have any spoils. No spoils—no problem!
  • Less is more: The less you need to worry about the better. The natural byproducts of most Caisson implementations like spoils, access, huge equipment, etc. don’t come with Helical Pile solutions.
Helical Piles