Central Steel Shaft

Helical Anchor’s pipe is fabricated from seamless Grade 80 steel tubing using all domestic, oil grade steel. This is a big reason why Helical Anchors, Inc. have the highest torque ratings in the industry! The industry standard is either to use a seamed ERW material, Schedule 40 grade or even used oilfield pipe and only […]

Helical Plates

All plates are fabricated with Grade 50 steel while most everyone else uses A-36 grade for the helix plate material. Plate sizes vary from 6″ to 16″ in diameter and have a thickness of 3/8″ or 1/2″ depending on job requirements. The # and sizes of helical plates may be varied to match soil conditions […]


Inertia Welded to the shaft ends to allow attachment of extensions for deeper penetration into ground when needed. On both the box end and pin end of every extension we use 4140 & 4125 hardened alloy that we inertia weld to the tube body. We then quench and temper the connection, normalize and then heat […]

Connectors / Brackets

The top of the anchor connects to the foundation or structure with different types of connectors depending on the application. This allows the loads from the foundation to be transferred to the helical anchors and then to the soil at a deeper level. Ultimately this will give you more bearing surface for load and support. […]

Wireless Torque Indicator

The wireless torque indicator allows real time torque to be viewed and recorded during the installation process of every anchor – you don’t necessarily know with 100% certainty the load capacity of other technologies. Allows for real-time verification of capacity that can be acted upon immediately. The live time torque that is saved, can be […]