Helical Anchors, Inc.

Quality and Design

Seamless tube shafts with high tensile strength = higher torsion strength than the competition. This allows installation into stronger soil strata for higher load capacity. High yielding flights for higher compression loads All connections are precision “CNC” machined to .001″ Patented Inertia Welding used on all connections allowing a streamlined one piece design. Quality galvanizing […]

Strength and Efficiency

Most helical pile failures in the field occur at the joint. This eliminates joint weakness. Under higher torque bolts and joints elongate and get distorted making them weaker. The typical industry standard helical section has holes drilled into the ends of the tube section only relying on the steel tube for strength. Since both the […]

Patented Inertia Welding

80 KSI pipe is inertia welded to provide a streamlined one-piece anchor design The competition typically uses “Upset Pipe” which thins out the steel and makes it less stable and makes it trickier to install in the field. This helps to prevent joint failures which are the most common cause of pile failure.

Torque Indicator

With this you know the capacity for every anchor – you don’t necessarily know with 100% certainty the load capacity of other technologies. This lets you know the load capacity immediately for each individual anchor so that you can verify and test prior to putting in more piles. Caisson and auger piles require a test […]