Product Presentation

Evaluation Reports

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Soil Properties

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Anchor Specifications

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Helical Anchor Accessories

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Building Foundations

Warehouses Parking Garages Commercial Buildings Modular Homes/Multi-Family Housing


Cell Towers Wind and Energy Towers Guyed Wires Highway Lighting

Solar Power Farms

Solar arrays are generally placed on inexpensive or undesirable land. Often times this land contains substandard soils. Helical Piles are perfect for this kind of application.

Central Steel Shaft

Helical Anchor’s pipe is fabricated from seamless Grade 80 steel tubing using all domestic, oil grade steel. This is a big reason why Helical Anchors, Inc. have the highest torque ratings in the industry! The industry standard is either to use a seamed ERW material, Schedule 40 grade or even used oilfield pipe and only […]

Wetland Walkways

Helical Piles reduce the environmental impact in marshes and wetlands making them appealing for boardwalk support.

Retaining Walls and Tie Backs

Helical Piles can be installed temporarily for braced excavations or for permanent retaining walls.